We offer complete picture workflow for a variety of budgets and manage the image pipeline from data wrangling on short films to 4K HDR Livegrade and grading for cinematic release. We provide a whole integrated service from when the media leaved the camera to final delivery of the film. We can also provide our services on a modular basis for those who only have specific needs. 




Data Manager

If you only need someone to wrangle the media then DataRoo is the set up for you.

This is an all-in-one portable table top setup that’s design for data management situations such as factual TV and light entertainment. One step beyond having the production runner downloading the rushes – this comes with a backup battery and thunderbolt hub for the various hard drive and card reader cables, as well as Silverstack for creating reports, and checksums with the offloads. Editorial software options available too.

Digital Lab

Render-ready digital labs available for work in studio or near-set in one of our vans. This has been our most popular solution as it’s mobile and self-sufficient with its own generator and coffee machine. This is ideal if you need to delivery offline material for post production.

Live Grade

Magliner based cart with HDR-enabled Leader LV5333 scopes. This set-up is capable of live-grading up to four cameras at once via the multi-port Blackmagic Smart Hub. Reference monitoring is on two 24” Flanders CM250 grade 1 OLED monitors and playback can be recorded onto 9” Blackmagic Video Assists.

Dailies and Digital Delivery

Options for iPad dailies, delivery of offline to editor via web services, and online hosting for dailies review. LTO archiving services also available as part of DIT package.



From a cosy nook of Soho, in the exact spot where Lennon recorded Imagine (we have photographic proof), we are running Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and FCP 7. We offer dry hire if you have your own editor, and wet hire where we can team you up with a staff editor here or put you in touch with freelance crew.

Client services includes tea and coffee, use of kitchen, printing and telephones in each room. Screening room available with seats for up to 8 people.



Working in conjunction with Film Shed we bring one of the first 4k laser projectors into Soho. With HDR and Rec2020* capabilities it really is at the forefront of technology. Here you can finish the picture with deliverables for web, broadcast AS-11 specification or encrypted DCP for theatrical release.






* Display technology as of 2018 is still not yet physically possible of producing more than 90% of the Rec2020 colour space.